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Severe Thunderstorm Sunday Causes Major Power Outages

Severe thunderstorms swept through the UP and Michigan’s northern lower peninsula Sunday afternoon leaving approximately 4,830 Presque Isle Electric & Gas Co-op services without power.  Wind speeds of 60 mph were reported along with hail and driving rain, snapping trees and branches onto overhead  power lines. The hardest hit areas were Cheboygan and Presque Isle Counties including Mullet Lake, Cheboygan, Tower, Millersburg, Fingerboard Corners, Black Lake and Hawks. There were also outages in Montmorency County near Atlanta and Canada Creek. PIE&G crews were dispatched early and with  the help of Wolverine Power, linemen worked through the night and have already restored power to approximately 4,600 services. Currently, PIE&G has approximately 232 outages, most of which are near Black Lake, Bois Blanc Island and Mullet Lake.

More storms are predicted this afternoon. PIE&G anticipates delays in repair times over the next several days to replace broken poles and for tree removals from lines. Members who are currently without power should make preparations accordingly.  PIE&G has all available personnel working and will  continue restoration efforts.  

PIE&G members should contact PIE&G immediately at (800) 423-6634 to report their power outage or any downed power lines.  Residents are cautioned to stay at least 25 feet away from any downed wires and to report them immediately to PIE&G or a local law enforcement agency. 

NRECA Celebrates its 75th Anniversary

Because our Cooperative roots run deep...

To honor PIE&G’s partnership and to help celebrate the 75th anniversary of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, the NRECA will plant a commemorative tree at its Arlington headquarters and Lincoln office in soil collected from each of the member cooperatives. 

Recently, PIE&G sent a small soil sample from our cooperative to NRECA so they can plant a tree in our honor – one whose nourishment and growth is supported by PIE&G and other coops across the nation which helped the NRECA grow to become 75 years strong!


Planting a 75th anniversary tree

Perform An Annual Safety Inspection On Your Boat And Dock To Prevent Electric Shock

For boating and water safety, there are items you must legally have on your watercraft—life vests, a fire extinguisher, throwable flotation devices, and properly working lights—but make sure the boat and the dock are safe, too. Sadly, there have been incidents of electric shock drownings. It happens when a current, often from a short circuit in the wiring of boats or in a dock, spreads through the water. As a result, those who are in the water will be electrocuted and end up drowning. 

To help prevent accidents, the National Electrical Contractors Association says:

  • All installations should be performed by a professional electrical contractor.
  • All dock receptacles must comply with the National Electrical Code, which mandates a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). A GFCI measures a circuit’s current and senses any imbalance (such as a discharge into the water), which trips the GFCI and cuts off the power.
  • Test any GFCIs every month. Locate them along the ramp to the dock so they can be easily tested by local fire departments.
  • Metal dock frames should have “bonding jumpers” that connect all metal parts to an on-shore grounding rod. This means any dock part that becomes energized by electrical malfunction will trip the GFCI or circuit breaker.
  • Ask neighbors if their dock electrical systems have been inspected and are up to code.
  • Household wire is not suitable for boats.
  • Do not use wire nuts (these are for solid conductor wire, which should never be on a boat) or splice connectors which can cut wire strands!
  • Fuses are rated to protect the wire, not the stereo. If a fuse blows continuously, something else is wrong.
  • If you rent a dock or boat, notify the owner of safety violations immediately.
  • Have your boat’s system (especially with onboard generators) checked at least annually and when something is added or removed.
  • Ropes, string, masts and rigging also conduct electricity—don’t be the common ground between water and electricity!

See for more tips.

Boat dock safety

Winds Damage Wolverine Power Equipment - Affects 1042 Services In Onaway

May 8, 2017 –  On Saturday, May 6, approximately 1042 Presque Isle Electric & Gas Co-op (PIE&G) service locations in and around Onaway experienced a power interruption at 5:11 p.m. Wolverine Power Supply Cooperative (Wolverine) found  equipment at the Onaway substation that had been damaged by the strong winds.  Wolverine promptly made repairs and power was restored to those affected at 7 pm. 

Wolverine, located in Cadillac, is the wholesale energy supplier to PIE&G, one of seven distribution cooperatives in the lower peninsula of Michigan served by Wolverine.  PIE&G provides electric and natural gas service to approximately 42,000 member-owners in a nine county area of northeast Michigan.   PIE&G headquarters is located in Onaway.

PIE&G Communities First Fund Board Awards $15,500 in Scholarships to Area High School Grads

April 27, 2017 (Onaway) Presque Isle Electric & Gas Co-op members continue to assist area community organizations and individuals through the voluntary round up of their electric and natural gas billings. Member contributions to the PIE&G Communities First Fund (“CFF”) provide resources for grants and scholarships to benefit their local communities in PIE&G’s service area.

At their recent meeting, the CFF board of directors awarded fifteen (15) scholarships of $1,000 each to each of the following 2017 high school graduates:

ALMONT                                                            INLAND LAKES          

Sydney Torres                                                    MacKenzie Hemmer

Hayley Torres                                                     Regan Bunker

ALPENA                                                              JOHANNESBURG-LEWISTON

Trevor Roznowski                                              Destiny Pryor

                                                                             Kristin McCormick

ATLANTA                                                             ONAWAY

Brianna Gross                                                     Cameron Horn

Tiffany Juergens                                                 Noel Nash

Enrico Racz-Reene        

CHEBOYGAN                                                      POSEN

Jeffrey Ostman Jr.                                              Izaiah Hincka


                                                                            Teah Lowe


In addition to the above scholarships, the A. Barkley Travis Memorial Scholarship, valued at $500, was awarded Ashley Wirgau of Rogers City.

The PIE&G Communities First Fund is managed by an all volunteer, independent board of directors. Students must meet CFF scholarship program requirements. For more information, go to the 'Communities First' tab on this website and follow the the link to Scholarships.

Wolverine Power Transmission Outage Affects PIE&G members

April 26, 2017 - Approximately 12,000 Presque Isle Electric & Gas Co-op (PIE&G) members lost power at 6:53 a.m. due to a transmission problem on Wolverine Power’s lines.  Wolverine Power Cooperative is PIE&G’s wholesale energy supplier.  The transmission outage affected all members served from six of PIE&G’s distribution substations in Cheboygan, Mullet Lake, Fingerboard, Tower, Black Lake and Hammond Bay. Wolverine’s crews were able to isolate the problem and reroute transmission to restore power to affected PIE&G members at 8:21 a.m.

Wolverine Power Cooperative, located in Cadillac, serves seven distribution cooperatives across Michigan’s lower peninsula. Presque Isle Electric & Gas Co-op provides electric and natural gas service to approximately 42,000 member-owners in a nine county area of northeast Michigan.   PIE&G headquarters is located in Onaway, Michigan.

Earn $50 for recycling an old inefficient appliance

 An old refrigerator or freezer can cost you hundreds of dollars to operate each year. A new qualifying Energy Star rated refrigerator can reduce your monthly electric bill and you'll earn a $50 rebate for recycling the old one through our Energy Optimization program. To learn more, call 1-877-296-4319 or visit and select PIE&G for details on qualifying products.

Appliance recycling graphic

Congratulations Communities First Fund Winners !

To promote and recognize participation in the PIE&G Communities First Fund, all current and newly enrolled members were automatically entered to win one of three prizes in a random drawing held February 6, 2017. The following lucky members were selected:

1st prize –Kyle Kowalewsky (HP notebook computer) 

2nd prize –John Fritzer (Samsung Tablet)

3rd prize –Jacqueline Calhoun ($50 bill credit)

Thank you to everyone who participates in the Fund and for helping to support our local communities. Your small change adds up to make a big difference in northeast Michigan!

Kyle Kowalewsky

Final Power Restoration Update 10 a.m.

Presque Isle Electric & Gas Co-op (PIE&G) crews have restored 9,819 services since Tuesday after strong winds swept through the Great Lakes region causing statewide catastrophic power outages. Approximately 10,452 PIE&G services were affected. As of this morning, 633 services are without power, with 371 of these located on Bois Blanc Island. PIE&G crews are flying to the Island this morning to work on repairs. The remaining outages are primarily widespread, individual services. PIE&G expects repairs and restorations should be completed later today.

Outside crews including those from Wolverine Power, Homeworks Tri-County and Zeeland assisted PIE&G. Repair times were hindered by persistent high winds, wintry weather, tree removals and the replacement of fifteen broken poles.

Members should contact PIE&G immediately at (800) 423-6634 to report new power outages or any downed power lines.  Residents are cautioned to stay at least 25 feet away from any downed wires and to report them immediately to PIE&G or a local law enforcement agency. 

4 pm Outage Restoration Update

Approximately 9,690 power outages were recorded for Presque Isle Electric & Gas Co-op (PIE&G) members since Wednesday morning due to sustained winds gusting to 50 mph in the region. Crews have restored 8,478 services so far, but a wind advisory is in effect until 7 p.m.  Approximately 1,212 services throughout PIE&G’s service area are without power this afternoon.  

PIE&G crews are receiving help from Wolverine Power, Homeworks Tri-County, Zeeland, and outside tree contractors who are assisting to safely restore power to as many services as possible today. Due to persistent high winds and wintry weather, and the need for tree removals and special equipment to access and replace broken poles, PIE&G anticipates that repairs to some individual outages will extend into Thursday, March 9.  Members who are without power this afternoon are advised to plan accordingly. 

Members should contact PIE&G immediately at (800) 423-6634 to report new power outages or any downed power lines.  Residents are cautioned to stay at least 25 feet away from any downed wires and to report them immediately to PIE&G or a local law enforcement agency. 


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